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Naruto Ocs - Your anime girls meme by ishime Naruto Ocs - Your anime girls meme by ishime
Blank meme here.

This took much longer than I expected!
It wasn't hard, per se, but It kept demanding more and more time and attention, and I was getting tired of working on the same meme for days. ^^U

I did it for the lulz, because my female OCs are so totally not moe.

So, in order:
Kajiya Hakkyou, from Iwa, no rank - ore-onna rather than bokuko, because ore sounds less polite, and she wants to sound as vulgar as possible. (She comes from an ancient, very traditional clan, and suffers from a heavy case of Rebellious Princess-ness.)
Sakujo, no village, no rank - shy because she's been traumatized by her whole family forgetting about her one after the other, but once she knows someone, she's a rather sweet girl.
Gendo Yume, from Suna, genin - goes around half hallucinating, and making weird comments about everything, putting her words in the wrong order and petting her snakes.
(The snake is a horned viper.)
Shigo Fubuki, from Konoha, chuunin - keeps a blank face and looks like a doll, but cares a lot about her family, even her silly annoying big brother.
Shin Kei, from Iwa, no rank, medic-nin - IS THE ONLY FEMALE CHARACTER I HAVE THAT WEARS GLASSES. Is so not moe it hurts. Four-eyes-zero-soul suits her more than meganeko, because she's a torture expert.
Tobasa Kasumi, from Iwa, no rank - is quite small and very sensitive about it; has a very tall and very snarky team-mate/love-interest who loves poking fun at her about her size. They spend half their time bickering with each other, and the other half kicking ass with their combined attacks.
Wareru Tsubame, from Iwa, not a ninja - is probably the girliest character I have. She knows she's pretty and cute, and crazy good at dodging and escaping and shamelessly uses it to TROLL PEOPLE and get away with it.

Since someone asked for them, here's a short summary of the characters' skills.
Anyway, here we go ~
She comes from an old Iwa clan, the Kajiyas. They have hereditary skills that are a "fake" fused element: they have natural affinities for both earth and fire, but instead of using both at the same time, they switch back and forth. They use this "fake" youton to make red or white hot metal weapons, typically swords (they consider swords to be the most noble weapons, and look down on bare-handed fighting). They naturally have huge chakra reserves, because they also naturally "waste" part of their chakra whenever they mix it; however it's actually a blessing, because the "wasted" chakra works as an anti-fire armor, and allows them to touch their weapons (technically only the chakra waste/armor thing is a unique hereditary thing, but the rest of their skills can't be used without it). They use fire to warm the metal and earth to keep it together and solid. The better they are at fire release, the hotter they can make their weapons, the better they are at earth release, the more metal they can use (ie bigger weapons).
Since her family is very traditional and, well, sexist, Hakkyou's loud, aggressive personality and her interest for ninjutsu skills were shunned. She wasn't trained properly by her family, and learned from strangers - instructors for orphans, if you must know. Contrary to the elite fighters of her family, she's not that great at fire, but she's really good with earth and learned taijutsu. She uses a thick iron bar instead of a sword; she warms it red and use it as a heavier whip - it does less burning damage, but the weight and better momentum make up for it. Also she uses a taijutsu style called the yamabiko style (after a youkai held responsible for echoes), a style where you hit the same spot many times in a row, as fast as possible, to amplify damage.
In her original RP verse, she was at an almost kage-level. (Though she was a really unbalanced character, kage-level in some areas and not-even-genin-level in others.)
Has a brand new dojutsu (special pupil) - as in, she has the first copy of a mutated gene. Her pupil allows her to manipulate the memories of anyone who looks into her eyes (removing, altering existing memories or even creating fake ones). She couldn't control it as a child, so she accidentally made her family forget her; then she was taken by the leader of a cult called Shuuki. Her eyes were sealed to help her control it, and after, basically she's being groomed as the heir of the cult leader.
Is a descendant of a long lost Suna bloodline called the Masayume. The clan's hereditary abilities are genjutsu skills called
somatization (a special brand of genjutsu that can make any wound withing an illusion real if the victim believes the illusion, even just for an instant) and sleepwalking (a genjutsu affecting the user, putting their consciousness aside and turning them into a fighting machine who will attack anybody threatening them until they win, die or are woken up).
She used to be a guinea pig and was submitted to a mithridatism process against all organic poisons known in Suna at the time, including the venom of some newly created mutant species of horned vipers, so she could use them in combat.
She's been traumatized, and has schizophrenic episodes, which she keeps at bay with the help of a dream-catcher made with chakra wires. Originally the dream-catcher was made to catch dreams so she could use them with her somatization skill; since it catches her nightmares, it also happens to help her keep what sanity she has left.
She speaks with out of order sentences and uses a LOT of metaphors, sees the world in a childish, poetic, fairy-tale like fashion and is extremely claustrophobic. Also prone to lab/hospital and surgery related phobias.
Member of the Shigo clan, who use forbidden seal techniques to trap souls into objects - think Al from FMA, though the Shigo usually go for animals. Shigo ninjas train the animals before-hand, then break their souls out of their bodies to put them into a weapon, and finally they re-train them into attacking on command with their new vessel. They must "feed" the weapon with chakra so it can move, but once it's ready, it can move on its own until it runs out - so taking the weapons' owner down or waiting until they sleep doesn't stop the weapons. Shigos are best at quiet assassination work, generally speaking.
All Shigos have all sorts of weapons, but each one has their favorite, signature ones. Fubuki's special weapons are her hair-clip thingy, and the steel wires attached to it (she keeps them in her hair), her belt (thick rope with a core of weaved steel wires) and the bandages on her arm. She specializes in immobilizing people.
Is an orphan from Iwa (oldest friend of Hakkyou, incidentally). Saw her mother being left to die in a hospital, because there was an epidemic and she was poor. Hates favoritism, and associates all doctors and medical personel with it.
Was nonetheless forced to become a medic-nin, because she's great at tuning her chakra. Was confronted to a lot of unfair situations very much like her mother's, and reacted by deliberately making all care as painful as possible for the privileged patients she was told to heal first. Got a reputation as a sadist freak. Wasn't that bad at first, but after a year or so, became pretty much exactly that. Specialized in acupuncture and trepanation, and started to conduct research on their uses in torture. Actually wrote a whole paper on the subject, just to freak out her superior enough that they'd let her work in interrogation rather than as a medic.
Fights with acupuncture needles: small ones she can throw, and bigger, longer ones she uses as a hand weapon. Usually she fights by inflicting (excruciating) pain rather than damage. Also heals with the needles, which she uses together with healing chakra, to better stimulate regrowth (it's painful but actually efficient, and more chakra cost effective than traditional healing skills).
Also an orphan and friends with Hakkyou, because they both want to KICK SOME ASS DAMNIT.
She uses a combo of taijutsu moves, in a rather acrobatic style (if you've seen Princess Mononoke, think of the way San jumps, stomps on a guy's face and uses it to jump on a roof), a ninjutsu skill to make soap bubbles, and wind release to spit out various gazes she fills the bubbles with. The bubbles only pop when they touch something that has chakra (usually something alive), so it allows her to spit really toxic stuff without risking breathing it, since it is safe in the bubbles until it reaches its target. She can use poisonous gaz, explosive gaz, inflammable gaz (works great as a combo with Hakkyou, who only has to throw a red-hot kunai at it), etc.
Is actually not a ninja, because she's the young cousin and only remaining family of a guy who has a LOT of rivals, some of them willing to slaughter his close ones to get to him (they already got to Tsubame's parents before, so it's not paranoia).
Since her cousin has a lot of enemies, she's still been trained to dodge and flee, by someone kage-level. So she's extremely fast and crazy good at dodging. She doesn't have particular fighting skills, but she carries knives, and if she's faster than you, she knows enough to slit your throat or stick a knife in your stomach.

Fire Alpaca (lineart), GIMP (colors).

Naruto's universe belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
Fanart mine; please don't remove my name, repost on other art sites, or use as an avatar/icon/whatever. Thank you.

My other Naruto OC pics:
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IronBrony1981 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
That's a nice meme!:iconiloveyouplz:
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
do all your naruto OC's have a ninja art?
If so, i'd like to hear them. I'm a big naruto fan, if you have other OC's, i'd also like to hear about them.
ishime Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist
When you say "ninja art", do you mean their ninja skills?
All of my Naruto OCs have some form of skills, yes. Not necessarily ninjutsu proper, though. Did you want to know those of the OCs from this pic?
Beware, cause once I get started on talking about my babies, I can ramble for pages, haha ^^U
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
well you see, i being the naruto fan i am, made a naruto style dungeons and dragons like role playing game. I made a lot of characters and have run out of decent ideas. Therefore i figured "why not get some from other naruto fans?"
The game would bore you, so let me be frank. I would like to know if i could use some of your characters in my game. so, feel free to tell me everything about your babies.

and yes, i do mean ninja skills
ishime Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist
...I don't think it was intentional on your part, but trying to get my ideas out of me so you can use them without telling me first (as in "in your first comment") is kind of rude. I get the suspicion that if I had already replied, nothing would be keeping you from using them, whether I agree or not.
I'm not really angry or anything, but really, I felt I needed to mention this.

Back on topic. I'd like to know what you'd be using my ideas for before I decide whether or not I share them with you, please. If it's a real-life, table roleplay thing, I don't really care; an internet roleplay is more of a problem, because I created my babies for roleplay, and I might want to take them to a new forum or whatever sometime.

I'm sorry if I sound bitchy or pretentious, but, well. As I mention before, these characters are MY BABIES, so I'm a wee bit protective ~
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
First of all, i would NEVER do that, i'm not some jackass who takes people's ideas. The reason i asked was that i didn't know if you had jutsus and the like for them. I mean, drawings are great and all, but not important to my game soooo... yeah. I was merely trying to find out if you had any before i asked if i could use them, sorry i gave the wrong impression.

Of course! I actually have another person who gave me four of their OCs to use! Let me explain a bit, it's a simple naruto game. We use a game board and pre-made "statcards" it is not online, it is not public, nor shall it ever be. My other friend wants to hear about the game so i'll probably tell her through skype. I will not be role playing as your characters, i will not be using them except as supporting (or main) characters in my game. Either to bolster the good teams numbers, or the evil teams. If you want the basic game rules i could tell you through notes, but i doubt that you'd care.

Look, you aren't "bitchy or pretentious" for wanting to know more about my intentions, i should've explained more thoroughly. I also understand how you feel, if you need re-assurance about ANYTHING just ask me. Again, i'm desperate for characters even though i already have like 20
ishime Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist
Okay, then. I'm glad it was just a misunderstanding, and we could clear everything up \o/

So, I update the description with the skills of the girls.
...I kept that skill-focused because, well, I wouldn't know where to start if I had to explain all their backgrounds in a comment, or even in a description. I'd need to speak about all their friends / family / etc, and that would take ages, because in total I have like 50 different OCs, I KID YOU NOT. Also, some of these characters work with a teammate and combo skills.
But, well, now you got the ninja skills, and since it's for your own, private game, you don't really have to keep the rest. Have fun with your game ~
eurybiades Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
I am so very sorry about the misunderstanding, thanks for letting me use your characters. I promise you that i will never post your characters. They are strictly for my game. Also, i have some other friends interested and if you feel like it, you could join us for the game.
pwassonne Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
J'aime bien Kasumi, on dirait qu'elle essaie de péter le cadre de son image (4ème mur, tout ça).
ishime Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist

J'avais pas vu ça comme ça (j'essayais de faire une pose de colère tsundere-ish contre quelqu'un de plus grand), mais on dirait, oui XD
Merci ~
Koklico Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Ah oui, la colo de la vipère rend bien, elle n'a plus du tout l'air poilu. Et j'aime beaucoup Kasumi et Tsubame. ^^
ishime Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist
Merci ! Et mufufu, j'aime Tsubame un peu plus à chaque fois que je la dessine ~
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